CSC is a network of individuals and communities who experience our own spiritual paths in connection to the evolving paradigms of the universe.

Through study, community, and practice, Creation Spirituality Communities creates opportunities to deepen our compassion, justice, creativity, and vision for cultural transformation so that we all might experience our sacred connection to the Spirituality of Creation.

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The Four Paths of Creation Spirituality is a spiritual practice for communities and individuals which invites us to consciously take part in the cycle of life.

in the awe, wonder, beauty, joy, blessing and mystery of nature and all beings, each of whom is as Hildegard of Bingen put it a “word of God,” a “mirror of God that glistens and glitters.”

in the beauty of darkness and nothingness, in mystery, in the silence and emptying, in the letting go and letting be, and in the pain and suffering that constitute an equally real part of our spiritual journey.

in our generativity we co-create with God; we trust our images (poems, paintings, inventions, ideas for peace and justice-making, businesses, creative parenting, etc.) as divine inspiration and courageously birth them into existence.

in the individual transformation made possible through practice and grace, in the relief of suffering, in the combating of injustice, and in the celebration that happens when persons struggling for justice and trying to live in mutual respect come together to praise and give thanks for the gift of life.

Six Essentials of Creation Spirituality:

Six Essentials of Creation Spirituality:

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