Thank you for stopping by to learn more about Creation Spirituality. Please take time to explore our website, sign up for updates, and join our online community. Below you can learn a bit more about our certification program.

Certification Program Overview

The Creation Spirituality Certification Program educates new leaders in Creation Spirituality. Where will this program will lead you? Like so many things in life, it leads to where you take it. But for CSC, we feel that the Creation Spirituality Tradition is worthy of being passed on and taught by others well versed and steeped in this spiritual tradition.

The CSC Educational Tradition is more than academic, it includes art as meditation, giving students a creative outlet to express their spiritual experiences. It is interfaith, and open to anyone of any faith tradition interested in Creation Spirituality. Students interested in our ordination program must successfully complete the cert program first.

The cert program consists of six core courses. They are:


Intro to Creation Spirituality: In this course students will learn about the rich tradition of Creation Spirituality and the themes associated with the Four Paths of Creation Spirituality.


The Reinvention of Work: Wondering how to bring more spirit and vibrancy into your daily work? This course will engage in interactive exercises with instruction and small group dialogue as we clarify what brings us alive and how we might wish to serve.  


The New Cosmology: This course will explore our cosmic origins from a scientific perspective, insights of the mystics related to the creation story of all life, and the idea of the noosphere—where our future is leading us.


Mystics & Mysticism: Why study mystics? To bring alive the mystic in ourselves, for we are all mystics—at least potentially. We will see how they live out the Four Paths of Creation Spirituality with courage and insight, wonder and creativity, and urge us to do the same.


Deep Ecumenism: In this course, we will  discover common threads that humans share regarding spiritual expression and reexamine spiritual expression as both a unifying force and one that gives rise to conflict around the world.


Sins of the Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh: Matthew Fox explores in his book of the same name our traditional perceptions of good and evil by offering a more enlightened treatment of ourselves and nature. Our challenge in this day and age is the open and almost flagrant expression of evil that requires an updated response from us most importantly as a community. Evil is best addressed in community.

We will also offer elective courses throughout the year, and anyone can take an elective or a cert class as an auditor. Our first elective for the upcoming school year is on Kabbalah with Chuck Burack. Sign up to stay informed!

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