compassionate creators

Creation Spirituality is a way of living within the community of earth that deepens our reverence for life, participates in the creativity of the cosmos, and develops our passion for justice and human transformation.

If all of Creation had been whispering the story of its own Spirituality for 13.5 billion years…we would call that story Creation Spirituality.

Our relationship with the Universe fills us with awe and gratitude.

Every creature, every tree, every stone, every star and every human being is filled with the blessed spark of divine nature. We refer to this understanding as Original Blessing. Original Blessing is a core principle of Creation Spirituality. 

Other principals of Creation Spirituality point to the experience of the Divine in named and unnamable ways present in history and beyond the limits of history. Both are intimate and mysterious. The principles highlight the nobility of each person and recognize all of us as mystics, prophets and artists – compassionate creators of beauty and justice.

We listen through deep communion with Nature. We listen to the voices of mystics from all spiritual traditions — like Rumi, Jesus, Buddha, Hildegard, Black Elk, Rabbi Hershel and others who have listened to the whispers of the wisdom of the cosmos since human consciousness began. We listen to our own deep wisdom that bubbles up from our personal devotion and spiritual practice. We listen to the needs and cries of the world that awaken our compassionate hearts and inspire us to take the action required to foster justice and peace.

We draw from the deep wells of spiritual wisdom and integrate it with scientific knowledge of the Universe.

This empowers us to act as co-creators, birthing acts of beauty and justice into the world. We hold a holy reverence for the miracle of our human being-ness in the context of a Universe which is 13.5 billion years old. We are called to be compassionate to the entire community of life in all of its diversity.

Where caring for the Earth and your spiritual path meet

First and foremost, we care for creation.

It is our inspiration, our kin, and our context. It is the cauldron of life that is constantly recreating our world. It is beautiful. It is resilient. And it is sacred divine creativity, constantly reforming the cosmos. The Earth is sacred, it is not just inanimate matter for our own selfish use.

We address the current ecological crises in many ways, according to our abilities: We protest. We write songs. We meditate. We plant trees. We teach. We write letters. We celebrate the beauty of Earth and offer our gratitude for creation.

What sustains us is community and a deep gratitude for our capacity to move ourselves and each other into a deeper relationship with the sacred by honoring and caring for creation.

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