We are building an interfaith and eco-spiritual movement for the restoration of our proper relationship to creation. We are reclaiming our original blessing. By honoring all spiritual traditions, we aim to enliven the interconnected web of life. Our members model alternative, open and evolving spiritualities by focusing on Creation itself and urgently advocating justice for the planet and all forms of life on Earth. 

A New Story of Creation

Scientific discoveries about the nature of the universe have given the world a singular creation story and a communal history. Today, with scientists from laboratories all over the world coming to agreement on the origins of the universe and the dynamics of its evolution,  we have the potential for a sense of global unity, an experience of the human race as a single tribe bound together by a single inspiring creation story.

A New Spiritual Landscape

Our human consciousness has evolved to the point where we can perceive and appreciate the common threads that run through all of our religions.Through our experiences of inter-connectedness, Creation Spirituality honors the common river that runs through all religions. It recognizes the experience of awe and gratitude that is at the heart of all religions and our common desire for spiritual communion with the divine.

A New Human

Creation Spirituality offer us a coherent theology and an embodied spirituality that is interwoven with creation. It gives us the meaning and the means to effectively address ecological justice not as separate beings acting upon the Earth, but as conscious members of the earth community.  Creation Spirituality recognizes  creative potential in every person and draws out our gifts for creating beauty, justice, and community.  It challenges us to nurture our own compassion and vision of community so that we may authentically respond to a world in crisis.

A New Earth Community

Now, when we need it most, the deep knowledge of Creation Spirituality is prepared to lift us to a truer connection to the spirit within, the spirit around us, the whole earth family, and the creating energies of the cosmos.  Its teachings

resonate with deep thinkers, mystics, and spiritual warriors at every age who seek authentic community devoid of the abuses of power. The non-hierarchical, body-mind practices of Creation Spirituality offer a path back into the ancient wisdom of Earth and its peoples, and provides the rituals, celebrations and healing salve that are needed now.