Small Group Gatherings

Rossmoor, CA small group

At Creation Spirituality Communities, we recognize that gathering in community is the richest way for us to access Spirit and experience needed sustenance. Small groups are one way to be in community that does not require all of the organization and scaffolding of larger groups. In some areas, there are only a few people who know about Creation Spirituality and want to meet with others to share ideas, meditate, sing, and enjoy fellowship.

Many larger gatherings stem from seeds planted in small group communities. However, this program supports groups that are satisfied to remain small so they can take advantage of their flexibility, creativity, and deeper relationships.

The CSC Small Group Team has developed a kit to help you get started with your group. The CSC Board is also developing resources to keep you going. These materials, plus the contact information for members who are living in your region and may want to join you, will be available on our members’s resource page.

If you are interested in starting a CS Small Group, please let us know so that we can help.