Our Story

Creation Spirituality Communities was created in response to a spiritual vision given to its founder at Chartres Cathedral in the summer of 2005. After months of discernment with Matthew Fox and other CS leaders, nine people were invited to serve on the original CSC Board of Directors. It was incorporated through the Revised Colorado Corporate Nonprofit Act in 2008.

By 2005, Creation Spirituality had become a movement involving graduates from the University of Creation Spirituality and others who had heard Matt Fox speak or read his books. CSC was created to support this groundswell of intention to embrace the sacredness of creation and provide opportunities for mutual support among the leaders, musicians, activists, artists, counselors, engineers, chaplains, economists, etc within the movement.

The new board began by offering avenues of communication within the movement through a quarterly, a monthly leaders’ conference, and an online social site. As the University of CS closed, they began to explore ways to continue CS education through a certificate program. More recently, they added this website and an ordination program.

Every two years, we brought the wider community together for a 3-4 day gathering where we danced, sang, and grew together, proposing new ways to create a spiritual culture in tune with the paradigms of creation. From these gatherings, our small group program, Elder Wisdom InnerViews, and CS Immersion Retreats have developed. CSC is continually evolving in response to the needs of our community and the visionary capacities of its members.