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7 McClure, Dayton OH 45403.  Phone: 937-750-0372
Contact: Rev. Mary H. Reaman, DMin,
Facebook:  Tree of Life Community: A UU Congregation
Sunday Gatherings at 10:30 am

Tree of Life Community is a Unitarian Universalist Congregation (TLCUU). We are an intentional spiritual community where questions are welcomed, diversity is valued, creativity is nurtured, peace is cultivated and life is renewed! We are a unique community where all are welcome. If you are longing for a place to belong, where you can be challenged to grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually while getting support for your
journey, Tree of Life Community (TLCUU) is for you!  Join us each Sunday at 10:30 not for a service, but for an EXPERIENCE that we call a Gathering! Check us out this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. at 1630 East Fifth Street, Dayton OH

First United Methodist of Pittsburgh,
5401 Centre Ave.  Pittsburgh, PA 15232
contact:   Instagram: mysticsinmotion
Facebook: Mystics-in-Motion
YouTUBE: Worship Jam Dance Tutorials
Every Wednesday Evening 7pm

Using the full body and all of our senses,  Mystics in Motion uses dancing, drumming, chanting, and creativity to deepen our spiritual connection to each other and to the sacred cycles of the earth.  The theme of each gathering is taken from christian wisdom literature or mystical writings from other traditions.  Arts as exploration and a wisdom circle for sharing insights are an important part of each gathering.

Mystics in Motion is working towards taking the vow of the Order of the Sacred Earth.  This has inspired us to spend more time together outdoors in retreats and excursions, and by sponteneously moving our weekly gathering to the park next door or the convergence of our three rivers.

Rev. Sid Hall, Pastor
4001 Speedway, Austin, TX  78751  Telephone: (512) 459-5835
Fax: (512) 467-9611

Trinity Church of Austin is a place where you can be you. We are not a church that has all the answers, but we do know the source of our hope, healing, and love.  Come experience the joy of being in a church community that is daring to be different, and where you truly can be you. Trinity supports Creation Spirituality, a movement that draws on ancient spiritual traditions and contemporary science. Creation Spirituality teaches that God permeates all things and that humanity is created blessed, not tainted by original sin. In this paradigm, Christ is God’s liberating and reconciling energy, transforming individuals and society’s structures into conduits of compassion. As we embody God’s love, we become the Creation that God intends.


46 Wall St.
Ashville, NC.,





Jubilee! is a faith community grounded in the Creation Spirituality tenet of “original blessing” uniquely flavored with Asheville, NC’s culture of creativity, music and quirkiness. Strongly committed to social and environmental justice, we work together to make the world a more inclusive, compassionate place. Our vision is of a vital, involved, committed and loving group of people interacting dynamically and compassionately with each other, the world, and ourselves, as God leads us. We honor all religions and all people. At our Sunday Celebrations we express our faith through music, dance, poetry, evocative messages and fellowship.  We share ourselves and our resources with our fellow humans, other living entities, and the earth itself.


Toronto, Ontario
Website:   ‘Ruah‘ is a Hebrew word found in the book of Genesis in the Bible that means ‘a wind of God.’  It refers to the powerful creative spirit that shaped the formless void at the beginning of creation.  We believe Ruah continues to sweep over and within the unfolding cosmos today.   Ruah is also the name chosen by this community of people who are committed to exploring a spirituality defined as eco- or creation-centred.  A creation-centred approach assumes that the whole of the cosmos is sacred and that all created beings carry an ember of the Divine.   Through silence, study, song and ritual, we respond to the turn of the seasons.  We listen closely to Wisdom Figures from various traditions, to our Indigenous relations and to the voices within our Ruah community.   We meet online on the 1st & 3rd Sundays @ 10:30am (usually; to confirm, please check our website or contact and on 2nd Sundays @ 12pm for a book discussion, from September through June.

Central United Methodist Church, 233 North Church Street
Spartanburg, South Carolina 29306    864-582-7238
Facebook: Sacred Traditions And Rituals
Rev. Sue Perrin, Minister of Ritual
Fall-Spring: 6pm 2nd and 4th Sundays Oct.- May
Summers: 6pm  2nd Sundays June –Sept.

Sacred Traditions And Rituals has been gathering as an inclusive worshipping community since 1997, calling to connection all who seek the Holy and the Sacred through the wisdom of other faith traditions while celebrating their own faith and spirituality. Led by an ordained member of the clergy, members are encouraged to participate in the leadership of rituals influenced by Creation Spirituality — including music, art, dance, drama, prayerful contemplation, poetry, and prose. As a caring and compassionate community, S.T.A.R. participates in service and mission efforts and addresses environmental concerns — in the local and broader community. We welcome everyone, regardless of faith background, spiritual preference, or involvement in another denomination.