Interfaith Worship Experience

Longing for spiritual connection in these troubling times?

We invite you to join us every Sunday for this online, Interfaith Worship Experience.  
We are growing a strong, nurturing community and want you to be part!

What is common to all paths that are spiritual is, of course, the Spirit-breath, life energy. That is why all true paths are essentially one path, because there is only one Spirit, one breath, one life, one energy in the universe. It belongs to none of us and all of wh. We all share it. Spirituality does not make up otherworldly; it renders us more fully alive. Matthew Fox

Our worship team: Roxanne WhiteLight, Seth Longacre, Michael Mansfield,  Judy Shook, and Carolyn Million.  
This online, Interfaith Worship Experience uses Zoom to see, hear and bring our community together. 
The worship includes many elements common to Creation Spirituality events: deep conversation, body prayer,  and teachings on topics relevant to our lives and our understanding of the paths and seasons of our spiritual experience. 

The Creation Spirituality Interfaith Worship Experience (CSIWE) is offered every Sunday at 7:00p eastern time, 6:00p central time, 5:00p mountain time, 4:00p pacific time and 1:00p Hawaii time. Each session is about 90 minutes to allow time for group participation. It is a great way to see friends, renew your spiritual connection, and participate in the rebuilding of the world together based on our understanding of our common blessing — Creation.