Creation Spirituality Immersion Retreats

If you or your community is ready to move more deeply into Creation Spirituality, you may be ready to host a CS Immersion Retreat. These retreats offer connection, support, renewal, encouragement and empowerment for individuals, for our communities and for our world. 

Framed by the Four Paths of Creation Spirituality, the CS Immersion Retreats explore Earth wisdom and the nature of growth and change using the transformative process of living systems. Activities at an Immersion Retreat include small group conversation, presentation, video, body prayer, reflection, and art as meditation.

Immersion Retreats compel us to live out our Sacred Work in the world through spiritual inquiry, creativity, and prophetic action. If you are interested in hosting a CS Immersion Retreat, someone from the CSC Board Retreat Team will work with your team to adapt the format to fit to a theme that is is important to your community and encourages you to engage in the sacred work of caring for creation.

If you would like to take advantage of the opportunity to present this retreat in your community, please contact as at