Creation in Crisis

Creation in Crisis is a series of  monthly conversations on strengthening our spiritual response to the climate crisis. We meet on the first Thursday of the month and are supported by Creation Spirituality Communities.

RETIRE….REWIRE….REFIRE Your Purpose in the Face of Creation in Crisis and Human Consciousness Can we shift our consciousness, empowered by feeling, and stand to enable a life sustaining future? In his conversation with the Creation in Crisis community, Art Mitchell will introduce ways to transform our human consciousness into perceiving nature as a partnership, a lifted veil, and a living sacred which we all belong. Art will call upon his 40 years of experience as a conservation biologist in 17 different countries, primarily in South/Southeast Asia, East Africa, and the Caribbean. Since his years in the Peace Corps, Art has worked in.biodiversity conservation, tropical rainforest preservation, coastal and marine management, and climate disruption adaptation. On Siberut, a remote island west of Sumatra, Indonesia, he pioneered one of the first strategies to incorporate the indigenous Mentawai wisdom and western knowledge to protect the Siberut rainforest. Now, as an elder, Dr. Mitchell is applying his vast experience in creating transformative eco-partnerships to empower a shift in human consciousness to address ecosystems collapse and climate disruption. Through Art’s wisdom and experience, the rainforest in Indonesia and the orangutans of Borneo can teach us how to draw upon inter-species wisdom to preserve our planet.

A conversation with Matthew Fox about Creation in Crisis

“Our work for the earth, the whale and the honey bee must come out of profound adoration, ecstatic delight and a vision of the bursting splendor that is reflected in the tiniest ant. Such work and actions must be grounded and arising from joy, ecstasy, bliss, humor, delight and freedom. Not fear. Not urgency. Not desperation.” Kristal Parks, Re-Enchanting the World: A Call to Action