Care for Creation

First and foremost, we care for creation. It is our inspiration, our kin, and our context. It is the cauldron of life that is constantly recreating our world. It is beautiful. It is resilient. And it is sacred divine creativity, constantly reforming the cosmos. We share that sacredness, but we have forgotten the sacredness of our own souls. Instead, we regard Earth as inanimate matter, ours for our own use.

Determination alone cannot create the shift we are seeking. We need to cultivate our sense of the sacred to effect true sustainability. This is best done in the company of others who are seeking to honor the sacred in themselves and in creation. We need to gather, teach, and inspire each other.

Creation Spirituality Communities brings together people who are responding to the present ecological crisis through activism, mysticism, community, and the creative arts. We address the situation in many ways, according to our abilities: We protest. We write songs. We meditate. We plant trees. We teach. We write letters. We celebrate the beauty of Earth and offer our gratitude for creation.

What sustains us is community and a deep gratitude for our capacity to move ourselves and each other into a deeper relationship with the sacred by honoring and caring for creation.