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    Opinion: A photo op antithetical to Christian messages

    https://www.statesman.com/opinion/20200604/opinion-photo-op-antithetical-to-christian-messages My reflections on Trump’s bible wielding photo optics in Thursday’s online version of the Austin American Statesman.—-By Rev. Dr. Sid Hall, IIIPosted at 10:19 AM   The contrasts were stark. Wielding a Bible, the president stood in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington, without invitation to use this sacred space as a political backdrop, without irony by a sign proclaiming “All Are Welcome.” Without understanding, too, that this church within a stone’s throw of the halls of power has a reputation for speaking truth to power. A black man—George Floyd—a father, a friend, a reconciler of desperate voices, was murdered in broad daylight by police officers in Minneapolis.…

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    An Introduction to Creation Spirituality

    CSC President, Sid Hall, recently wrote this excellent introduction to Creation Spirituality for AllCreation.org. You can find that here: http://www.allcreation.org/home/cs-intro http://www.allcreation.org/home/cs-6 http://www.allcreation.org/home/cs-blessing http://www.allcreation.org/home/cs-fear http://www.allcreation.org/home/cs-journey http://www.allcreation.org/home/cs-people http://www.allcreation.org/home/cs-diversity http://www.allcreation.org/home/cs-justice http://www.allcreation.org/home/about-cs-communities http://www.allcreation.org/home/cs-sid-hall